Client Services
Crisis and Conflict Management

We have been dedicating to providing strategic solutions to solve their problems, particularly in Public Relationship Management and Marketing Management. It's crucial to know the investment environment, especially government policies and regulations, which continue to experience unprecedented changes time to time. Therefore, businesses and corporations must adapt to this increasing change of pace by equipping themselves with the right skills, knowledge and capabilities needed to meet the expectations and requirements.

VIP Investment International works closely with public sector organizations to meet these expectations. Our team's comprehensive range of experience and skills gives us valuable insight into the unique challenges faced by public sector leaders at all levels ?insight that allows us to effectively improve the performance and enhance the accountability of government organizations. Moreover, we also deliver marketing relationship strategies to assist clients in enhancing the interactions with customers to increase customer satisfaction and enhance brand equity.

We offer assistance and advice in the field of:

  • Government Relationship Management
    Build and develop dynamic relationship with all levels of public sector organizations for greater efficiency, economy and effectiveness in service delivery and improved performance.
  • Community Relationship Management
    Facilitate with local communities for a sustainable long term relationship development.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Implement strategy by leveraging technology to organize, automate and synchronize business processes to promote interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.
  • Investor Relationship Management
    Manage the relationship between companies and their investors through a fresh approach --- intelligent and targeted initiatives.
  • Media Relationship Management
    Promote ongoing activities to ensure companies have a strong public image.
  • Employee Relationship Management
    Assist clients in ER Management through advanced technologies including tactical training, pay increment, and internal communication to motivate their performances.