Client Services
Foreign Investor Services

VIP Investment International services thousands of individual investors, institutions, and organizations overseas in all aspects of business sector, including Strategic Planning, Market Insights, Human Resource Management, Full Business Planning, and Independent Consulting.

VIP Strategy

As a fully committed strategic partner with long-standing client relationships and proven experience, VIP Investment International works closely with its clients to address their individual needs, identify target investees and joint venture companies, and facilitate the final signing of cooperation contracts.

We treat each client with special care and provide tailor developed investment / business service solution package. We navigate different industries which diverse from commercial real estate to manufacturing, and serve clients at different desired provinces in Canada. High working standard and dedicated professionals are the foundation of our success to best meet our clients' need. Our investment team consists of talented and dedicated investment professionals, each one of whom has unique skills and experiences in different industries to help our clients to achieve success.

We address potential issues that our client might have concerned about the business environment, market trend, and business operation with right mix, full financial and economic implications of clients investments options, risk management, operation efficiency, merger and acquisition opportunities, and relation management to different customers, partners, suppliers, and markets.

Market Insights

In the thrust of highly competitive market, VIP Investment International commits to serving clients with the latest information and insightful market analysis to ensure our clients meet their challenges and maximize opportunities. For the past years, we've served our clients in all aspects of business operations, including establishment, acquisition and merging in a variety of industries, such as energy, retail, foundry, manufacturing, and real estate with a tremendous success.

Human Resource Management

With a request from our clients, VIP Investment International also involves in HR management as a consultant to facilitate the process from hiring, training and managing to dismissing. Since the majority of our clients has foreign business background with insufficient information access to HR related regulation and requirements of Canadian markets, we will act as a facilitator during the transforming period. Our clients also can access to government information sites directly from us:

Full Business Planning

No matter which industry your business belongs and what business activities your company conducts, a fully comprehensive business plan provides guidance for investors to understand the environment, know business operation and study financial feasibility from very beginning.

Unlike other consulting companies, VIP Investment International delivers customized business plan, tailoring to each individual client's background and their investment prospects. Uniqueness, Competitiveness, and Deliverable are the most three outstanding advantages differ us from our competition. So far, we have successfully accomplished more than 1,000 individual business plans that have definitely helped our clients to establish their businesses and / or guided for their investment decisions. From St. Johns to Victoria, every year we serve more than hundreds of businesses, and the number still keeps ramping up.

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