Industry Sector

Foundry operations have always been varied and complex, and have become even more so, since the industry has changed drastically in recent years. Foundries no longer produce just a raw casting. Nowadays, many modern foundries design the parts, build the tooling, cast the prototypes, make the casting, machine the casting, assemble the casting and produce a component or assembly ready to install on the customers' assembly line. In response to the shifts of the industry, many foundries are designers, casters, machine operators and assemblers of value added parts. Post-Sales service is another aspect of value added work.

In Canada, particularly the foundry business mainly focuses on metal casting, a first step in the value-added manufacturing chain and is utilized in the manufacture of most durable goods. Markets and industries served by foundries include the automotive sector, construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, pulp and paper, heavy industrial machinery and equipment, aircraft and aerospace, plumbing, soil pipe, municipal road castings, defense, railway, petroleum and petrochemical, electric distribution and a myriad of specialty markets.

So far, our clients have involved business activities in casting the prototypes and assembly with tremendous development and growth.