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We uncover the most competitive insightful information on Canadian Retail industry, where fosters business opportunities for foreign investors to explorer. For example, in 2006, retailers sold $389.6 billion worth of goods and services, when price changes were taken into account, retail sales increased by 5.3%. In the province of Saskatchewan that is one of most recommended provinces to our investors for investment, the retail growth rate is ranked up to the top three provinces above the nation average.

Saskatchewan's percentage increase was the highest in Canada, well above the national average which was down by 0.1 per cent. Saskatchewan's retail sales have increased on a year-over-year basis for 42 consecutive months since September 2004. Retail sales increased on a seasonally adjusted basis between February and March 2008, with sales up from $1.18 billion to $1.21 billion, a 2.1 per cent rise, and the second highest percentage increase in Canada, just behind the 2.3 per cent recorded for Manitoba.

In the province, the example of successful businesses started and operated by our investors has surpassed our competitors three times, known as the premier reliable foreign investment consulting company. For example, Flaxseed is one of successful business examples in the province, acquired 33% of the company shares by our foreign investors at the most cost efficient budget through our professionally tactical acquisition.

Moreover, our investors do not only benefit from our professional consulting services, but also from our strong continuous business supporting services in the area of social connection, marketing strategy advice, supply management, and government affairs. Our superior goal is to help all of our investors to maximize their investment returns in the all aspects of business.

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