Industry Sector

We introduce the Information Technology in Canada to help clients have a general overview about this industry. First, Canada is a world leader in Information Technologies covering hardware, software and infrastructure. In recent years, Canada has also emerged as a major producer of software and computer services through firms such as SHL Systemhouse, Cognos, DMR and Corel, the latter recently gaining prominence through the acquisition of the world-renowned WordPerfect software systems. As a manufacturer of information technology hardware, moreover, Canada benefits from the presence of multinationals such as IBM, Digital and Hewlett Packard.

Second, information technology plays an important role of Canadian economy. Although comprising a wide variety of activities, some of them are particularly prominent. Among hardware manufacturing industries, communications equipment and computer technologies are substantial, supporting a workforce of 71,000 employees. In the software category, software and computer services have been a growth industry. And in the infrastructure category, telephone companies are the dominant group, followed by the emerging but much smaller cable and cellular telecommunications carriers.

Therefore, Canada commits to providing the most dynamic and competitive environment for businesses in Information Technology from small rapidly growing companies to some very large, long-established ones. In nowadays, competition gets fiercely fuelled by other factors including risk & regulation, capital structure, tax liability, and cost efficiency. Our professionals have deep knowledge and comprehensive understanding of high-tech organizations to help clients review and analyze the specific tax, legal requirement and regulations that have impact on businesses.

Maximize Return on Investment

Investment opportunity existing in merger or acquisition adds significant value to a business, but every stage of the transaction process from evaluation to negotiation and completion is very critical and requires considerable experience and knowledge that directly impacts on clients�investment returns.

We commit to providing our clients with the most competitive market insights and advice during the entire business transition process from pre-screening, onsite investigation and analysis, to due diligence and ongoing management-oriented supports. We can help companies find the right partner among a world of possibilities and identify a good strategic fit to facilitate with merger, acquisition and alliance business transitions.

Sustainability and Collaboration

Nowadays, business in technology has been impacted on global environment and government policies. Technology companies have to develop sustainable plans to comply with the changes. Moreover, as products, markets and the needs of customers become more sophisticated, the importance and prevalence of collaboration across corporate boundaries is on the rise. In the years to come, strategic collaboration will be one of the key differentiators of successful technology companies.

VIP is dedicated to assisting our clients with strategic solutions in HR management to locate and attract the professionals and experts to develop competitive health and benefits programs in companies for a long-term sustainable development and growth. Meanwhile, we help our clients drive innovation and enhance the core competency by performing due diligence on potential business partners and deal negotiations.

Capital Structure and Operation Efficiency

VIP will help client optimize capital structure to enable companies to fund short- and long-term strategic goals and objectives more cost-effectively and within an acceptable level of risk. Besides, we bring capabilities in management and process improvement to help companies optimize their operating processes and supply chain. We help our clients transform their key value chain functions, from customer management through to sourcing of services and goods. We apply proven cost management methodologies to facilitate agile responses to changing conditions and to drive business growth. We support our clients to improve value, reduce waste and reduce costs to leave lasting sustainable benefit.

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