Client Services
Business Sector Services

With the support of investment side of services, we also provide other business services including banking, legal, social, education, insurance, and property. Whenever our clients confront difficulties dealing with professionals or looking for a second-hand advice, we will act as an adviser to find the right contacts or agents who can provide direct and resourceful information. The trustiness bounded between the company and the clients was built through years of dedicated services. Moreover, we also consult clients with business operation services in Canada.

How to start business in Canada

  1. Get to know the field
    We consult with essential start-up information complied with Canadian business requirement, which has information from many sources, including the federal, provincial and territorial governments.
  2. Prepare a Business Plan
    We provide information and resources on how to prepare a business plan for starting a business, including guides and tools to help you develop a detailed business plan. We also provide Full Business Planning services
  3. Register your Business
    We will advise our clients with business registration requirements, guides and resources for registering a business as well as information and resources on the Business Number.
  4. Hiring and Managing Staff
    In addition, we provide important information on a variety of topics, including hiring procedures, pay and benefits information and labor standards when you're considering find the right candidates of the employee.
  5. Apply for Benefits Available to You
    As a new business owner in Canada, you may be eligible to apply for grants and financing to support you. Additionally, we will advise clients to register for the Employment Insurance program when they start to establish their business through Service Canada for EI special benefits.