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We use in-depth research and statistics for strategic insight into the global energy market. By analyzing the insightful research results, we uncover industry trends, competition, projections, sales and marketing strategies in the area of solar panels, renewable energy equipments, emerging technologies, and oil and gas. We understand the energy-sector shifts that are taking place will make more profits in energy investment over the next several years than in any other sector during any other period in our lifetime. At the momentum, more investors, especially foreign investors from Asia, eagerly look for investment opportunities in such profitable energy markets through various ways of direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, where we can support with resourceful information and in-depth research, financial analysis, managerial advice, social connections, crisis management, and all other business aspects.

We offer our clients insightful analysis on current market situation and policy developments, and solutions to integrate challenges and opportunities into their corporate strategy and plans. We advise clients on their corporate, investment and investor relations and wider stakeholder engagement. We help with scenario planning, market analysis, and commercial, regulatory and environment strategy development. You can visit our services site for more detailed information.


Canada has still only scratched the surface of its massive wind energy potential, which currently powers over 1 million Canadian homes. So how much wind do we have in Canada?

Canada also has a very large potential for solar energy use and it has excellent solar resources. Since 2007, there are an estimated 544,000 m2 of solar collectors operating in Canada.

In Canada, biomass energy accounts for 540 PJ (petajoules) of energy use. It already provides more of Canada's energy supply than coal (for nonelectrical generation applications) and nuclear power.